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Post by KB2MXV » Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:55 pm

ARES Connect Volunteer Management System

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) has been the public service communication program of the ARRL since 1935. Over many years and following many natural disasters, volunteers in our field organizations have provided us with a lot of valuable feedback about the ways we could improve and modernize (including adapting to new communication modes) to make this organization work more efficiently and effectively. The ARRL Board of Directors created a working group to look at the input from volunteers in the field organization, as well as incorporating the work of previous committees studying improvements to ARRL public service programs, to develop strategies to enhance the professionalism and consistency of the ARES program and those who are part of it. The working group recognized that there is a strong need for a robust volunteer management system to connect field organizations to training, resources, and information from ARRL. Other improvements that will be rolled out in the months ahead include establishment of national training requirements and improved local training resources, updated ARES operating guidelines, and updated field organization job descriptions.

What is ARES Connect?
ARES Connect is a volunteer management system that allows each ARES group to manage their roster, create and staff events, and track nets and training. Each ARES group and ARRL Section will have a unique page on the platform with appropriate admin control given to the ARES Emergency Coordinator. ARES members will be able to create a user profile that connects them to their local ARES group. Through their profile they can register for ARES (pending EC approval), sign up for events, log volunteer hours, and log training. Reporting will be different through ARES Connect. As users log activity, data is created that allows ECs, DECs and SECs to run custom reports.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob McClintock N3RZI, or the Section Manager, George,

Please register at

Frank C. D'Amato

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